Nina Larkin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - Morgan Hill Counseling, Campbell Counseling
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Are you tired of feeling emotionally triggered in your relationships?
Have you tried ways to cope that only make you feel worse?
Are you sometimes overwhelmed by negative thoughts, judgements or emotions? 

Emotions and thoughts can be both overwhelming and hard to understand. You can talk to family and friends only to have situations escalate instead of calming. This may lead to feeling frustrated, disappointed or unheard. Expressing yourself is important, yet can be very difficult. You may be concerned that your feelings are unfounded or will be judged instead of being accepted. This can lead to avoiding your true feelings, overindulging, feeling dis-empowered and overwhelmed. You may become shut down, distant or over involved with others lives, only to feel worse.

I can help by creating a truly safe place to honor your healing process and transform your pain. The truth is, there are effective ways to be in your  authenticity, develop your strengths and personal empowerment, release emotional pain and addictions that interfere with your happiness. If you're interested in gaining insight to transform your life, enhance your relationships, honor your emotions and develop effective coping tools, call 650-823-9210 for counseling. I offer a free phone consultation to see if I am the right fit for you. I'd love to help you embark on your healing journey.